Student Day at Linux Plumbers Conference

For the past couple of months, I’ve been helping organize a student mini-conference for LPC, which will take place on September 16th. So far we only have 9 people registered for student day. We would like at least 15 students to make the student mini-conference a full-day event, and this week is the deadline for conference organizers to decide whether they need to scale back.

If you’re a student, and you’re even remotely interested in open source development, I suggest you take a look at the Linux Plumbers Conference Student Day page and register for the event.

Why is this event cool? As one project manager at IBM’s Linux Technology Center said, “I would have killed for an experience like this as an undergrad. Students get to talk one-on-one with open source developers for a whole day, and then they get to go to Linux Plumbers Conference too! How could you pass that up?”

To some students, it may sound daunting. A whole conference full of professional open source developers? I was nervous when I went to my first Linux conference too. It was a small conference called FreedomHEC. I was really shy, but I (a lowly undergrad at Portland State) got to talk to Greg Kroah-Hartman (subsystem maintainer for USB and PCI) face to face. That’s when I realized that open source developers are people too, and I could actually, like, talk to them.

Student registration is $50. (My friend Brandon, when asked if $50 was too expensive for students, said, “$50 is a new video game or a really hot Friday night date. It’s not that much.”) Registration is open to part-time and full-time undergraduates and graduate students, along with advanced high school students. (Trust me on the registration requirements, some portions of the LPC site haven’t been updated with the new requirements yet.)

So you have no excuse not to attend! If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally. Otherwise, go register!