San Juan Islands Bike Trip Pictures

I’m finally done sorting through the pictures from the bike trip Jamey and I took in the San Juan Islands. I take a shitload of pictures every vacation, mostly because I’m not happy with the “automatic” setting on my Canon PowerShot A630. I ended up filtering a lot of them when I decided which to post to my picasaweb album, and now I’m filtering them further to present my favorite trip pictures here:

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Fortunes from the sky

Jamey and I will be biking the San Juan Islands to celebrate our first anniversary. Today I decided to go to the central library to check out some travel books on the subject.

It turned out that all the books on the San Juans were checked out. I was bummed because I had gone to the library for nothing, and I was going to be an hour late to the PSAS meeting. I got in the elevator to go down from the third floor. As the elevator started moving, this piece of paper fell from the ceiling:

Lincoln City, OR beach trip

This past weekend, my Grandma Bailey turned 80. My family took my grandma to Lincoln City to celebrate. It was a wonderful trip, and it felt good to spend time with my family.


  • The house we rented had spectacular views, crazy stairs down to the beach, and an enclosed hot tub by the cliff.
  • Depot Bay has an interesting harbor, but the shops are boring unless you like trinkets and knick-knacks. I was disappointed that I spent more time shopping than on the beach.

More pictures below the cut.

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