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A Warning to Commentors

I deeply care about equality for everyone.  I reserve the right to moderate or delete comments, or publish the IP addresses of trolls who make discriminatory, derogatory, or derailing comments targeted at minorities, whether the comments are attacking race, religion, sexuality, gender, disabilities, skill level, or anything I deem “troll-worthy”.

Gender-based slurs in reaction to the simple powerful act of speaking up will be deleted. These include, but are not limited to: “drama queen”, various sexist slurs, insinuations about women being “too emotional”, or jokes about it being “that time of the month”. Did you know that women have the lowest estrogen during their period, and thus are more likely to act like men during their period?

Using SJW or feminist as a derogatory term without explaining why you have issues with a particular aspect of those communities will get your comments deleted. Constructive comments about problematic aspects of those communities (such as a lack of focus on male rape, criticisms of how feminism is largely for white women, etc) are welcomed if they are on-topic for the particular blog post. Sweeping generalizations and off-topic issues will be deleted. Also, I prefer the term “Social Justice Cleric”, as one of my friends once told me, “You take your past experiences and distill them into healing potions.” Plus, Stormborn is pretty awesome.

I also reserve the right to delete or moderate comments, or publish the IP address of people who make sexual comments about me or derogatory comments about my appearance.

My employer’s actions or policies are not up for discussion, as this is my personal blog. I reserve the right to delete comments that reference my employer. Any questions about my employer should be redirected to my work email address, which is easy to find.

I reserve the right to change this policy as I notice patterns in comments I delete. Any changes to my comment policy may be retro-actively applied to past comments. Remember, this is my personal blog, not a government entity, and I reserve the right to cultivate what conversations I have on my personal social media space. Comments about censorship, repressing free speech, or critiques of my usages of block bots will be deleted. You can have those conversations elsewhere.

One thought on “Comment Policy

  1. Hi i love your blog its really really informative. Just want to offer my support and let you know how sorry i am most men online are idiots and have these misogynist tendencies that i cant even fathom how deep their misogyny runs within them. Frankly im really ashamed of men online. I live in Australia (melbourne) and offer a sincere invitation to you and your husband to drop in anytime to our fair city, i’ll be happy to show you around and you can even ‘couch surf’ at our house if need be. (my wife and i would love to meet you guys) Keep up the good work and thanks again for your lovely blog. Best wishes edgar & emma.

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