2020-06: Outreachy Progress


  • Supported mentors through terminating an internship and finding a new intern
  • Supported one intern who experienced community issues
  • Documented mentor duties and expectations
  • Worked with sponsor who was having trouble securing funding

Finances / Sponsorship

We worked to provide a presentation to a sponsor. The sponsor was having trouble finding internal funding for the sponsorship level they committed to in February. The presentation included personal stories from Outreachy interns who were hired by the sponsor, and statistics about the program. We have been connected to new sponsor contacts who may be able to find funds for their sponsorship.


One intern had trouble with their time commitments. The intern missed the first internship meeting. The second meeting they showed delayed responses in the community chat. There were other communication issues as well, such as not reading materials mentors had sent. Then they did not communicate with mentors for a week.

Several attempts were made (both by mentors and coordinators) to contact the intern. After waiting another week for a response, their internship was terminated. We were able to on-board a new applicant to take over the internship project.

Another intern had a particularly rough start to their internship. Communication from coordinators and mentors was lacking about changes to who was mentoring them and what project they were working on. The intern also needed extra support because they were new to the programming language the project was written in. Their mentor was unable to provide that support due to mentoring five other interns, so a co-mentor was found.

Sage Sharp also ran internship chats with the other Outreachy organizer, Anna e so.


During the issue with an unresponsive mentor, Sage documented mentor expectations for time. The documentation is still WIP. It needs to be merged with the current mentor FAQ page.


Sage worked less hours this month due to family time, health issues, and personal activism for other communities.