2020-02: Outreachy Progress

Admin Tasks

This month was spent herding mentors and reviewing initial applications:

  • Of the 2670 initial applications, we were able to review all but 230
  • 901 applicants are approved for this round
  • 105 projects are available
  • 61 internships are funded
  • 3 new communities are participating this round

Development Tasks

System admin tasks this month included updating the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and increasing the memory on the Outreachy mail server.

Memory pressure due to spam filtering taking up memory was causing mail to be rejected. It’s unknown why avis and clamAV was taking up additional memory. Email warnings have been put in place in case the memory usage increases again.

Let’s Encrypt has revised its certificate process. We updated the dokku Let’s Encrypt plug in, so that we can continue to have the Outreachy website and Zulip chat use SSL.

The following commits were made to the Outreachy website repo:

076cf7a (HEAD -> master, github/master, dokku/master) Show application summary pages until contributions close
f30fe2d Add Forge Your Future discount code to applicant acceptance email
127e6be All applications show as pending until contribution period opens.
2180b0b Improve pending application results
a145002 Improve acceptance text on eligibility results page
b71940c Merge branch ‘master’ of github.com:outreachy/website
c3dac19 Documentation for updating the dokku let’s encrypt plug-in
f381e07 More organizer task and advice for coordinators
ab53607 Make export_form generate basic HTML
ad03070 Simple script to make a text export of a form(set)