Grateful Dead Rocket

The Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS) builds, designs, and launches open source amateur rockets. If you haven’t heard about PSAS before, watch my five minute Ignite Portland 2 talk and follow along with the sides.

A PSAS member showed up to the meeting today with his own amateur rocket. DISCLAIMER: This is not the PSAS rocket (it’s still being rebuilt).

The guy (yes, I can’t remember his name, my bad) recently launched his rocket from Brothers, Oregon. It went to 14,000 feet, but the parachutes didn’t deploy. Fortunately, it survived the crash with only a couple scratches. Some people have all the luck! Our Airframe team was envious of the robust design.

The guy was a big grateful dead fan, as you can see from the logo and color scheme.

Dan holding the nose cone.

The motor casing.